REST API addition in Event Espresso 4.8.40, new backwards-compatibility policy

Due to feedback from WordPress REST API core developer Daniel Bachhuber, we have made a change to our backwards-compatibility policy in the EE4 REST API. Please read the details here, but the summary is that we will only be adding new EE4 REST API versioned namespaces (eg v4.8.36) when we want to introduce a significant change to existing behaviour; not every time we add a new feature.

Along with that, we added a new calculated field onto the existing EE4 REST API versioned namespace (v4.8.36) in Event Espresso 4.8.40.p: registrations’ datetime_checkin_stati. This should be helpful for easily determining if a registration is checked into, or out of, their applicable datetimes.

Lastly, a REST API changelog was added which will log changes affecting consumers of the EE4 REST API. This should be helpful for REST API consumers who aren’t necessarily as concerned about changes to Event Espresso’s internals or web interface.

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